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Spice Up Your Love Life: A Beginner’s Guide

July 12th, 2015

Everybody’s sex life can get a little stale from time to time if they’ve been with the same partner for years. However, sometimes all you really need to get your love life going again after feeling stalled for a while is something to spice it up.

That’s where sex toys can come into play if you’re a more adventurous couple, or you’re just looking for a little break from the normal. Sex toys can be a lot of fun if you integrate them into the bedroom the right way, so don’t dismiss the idea before you discuss these fun items with your partner.

Cock Rings

Cock rings basically work to trap the flow of blood in the penis when a man gets an erection. That means longer, stronger erections that can feel a bit fuller. However, cock rings work very well for men that don’t have erection problems, and can lead to prolonged and more powerful erections.

Best of all, there’s little learning curve when it comes to using a cock ring, so getting one is a great way to introduce toys to the bedroom without stress.


Another fun way to have a little more excitement in the bedroom is through the use of dildos. In general, one partner will use the dildo on the other, and the experience can be powerfully erotic for both.

Take your time choosing a dildo that you and your partner are both comfortable using and will enjoy over more than a few sessions in the bedroom.

Glamour Boutique

May 15th, 2013

Glamour Boutique has one of the best selections around when it comes to breast forms. They offer everything from asymmetrical breast forms to breast form bras and even the adhesives necessary to wear the breast forms against your skin. Their customer service is the best, bar none when it comes to making a purchase from a breast form store. Glamour Boutique is well known for their discreetness and understanding when it comes to orders, and it is something that has not changed in time. It is easy to see why Glamour Boutique is so popular in the Cross Dresser and Transgender community. Glamour Boutique has several different kinds of breast forms available and they are almost always in stock and ready to ship. The website prides themselves on never having items that are backordered, meaning that you get your supplies more quickly. Shipping at Glamour Boutique is affordable, and their return policy is clearly stated and easy to understand. The customer service reps are well versed in breast forms and willing to help, doing everything in the power to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. The website is laid out simply enough, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for in no time flat. The breast forms, adhesives and cleavage creators are all clearly marked by size. These sizes are also on the charts available on the website so that you can be certain that your measurements fit whatever size you need before you make your purchase.

Solo Strokers Free Webcam and Chat

March 4th, 2012

Solo Strokers and Hot G Vibes

December 23rd, 2011

When I’m Solo Strokin I like aid myself with the use of one of the Sex Toys in my arsenal.
A dong here, some vibrators there. Plus to add more excitement to the mix, I rely on my trusty cock ring.
Nothing gets my cock harder than slipping it into a cock ring.

When I slip that thing on, I’m like the master of the universe.
I found some awesome cock rings over at, These things are state of the art and really do a great job.
Once you slip one on, you’ll see and feel the difference right away.
I don’t know what I did without them.

I see they also have a killer affiliate program too. Perhaps I’ll join and help spread the word!

Steven Richards & Gabriel – Dudes Need Cash

October 18th, 2010

Gabriel was broken down on the side of the road, when Steven drove by. The nice guy that Steven is, he stopped and offered him a ride. But Gabriel didn’t realize that this ride wasn’t “free”. As they drove down the road, Gabriel thanked his new friend for the ride and asked what he could ever do to repay him. Steven subtly pulled out his cock and began to stroke it to attention. Gabriel didn’t know what to do at first but then leaned over and began to suck Steven’s swollen dick. Soon he felt his own cock starting to throb in his pants and his leg was wet with pre-cum. Once they got to Steven’s place, they quickly locked in a lustful embrace and then began jacking each other off. Gabriel has never been with another man before but was really enjoying himself. Before he realizes what is happening, Steven has his thick 8 inches jammed deep in his virgin ass, pounding him until he sprayed his messy load all over his washboard abs!

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Billy Dewitt & Lawrence – Dudes Need Cash

October 18th, 2010

Lawrence is short on his rent, so he asks his neighbor Billy for a loan. Billy isn’t too interested in the deal unless he negotiate some virgin ass as stock. Lawrence has never been with a guy before, but he really needs the cash, so he cautiously agrees. Billy slowly caresses Lawrence’s smooth arm, and then slides it down to his limp cock. Lawrence closes his eyes and tries to think of other things, but notices his cock starting to twitch with anticipation. Billy tugs at Lawrence’s pants and pulls out his now swollen dick and guides it into his mouth. Lawrence starts to loosen up and is actually enjoying the warm mouth on his cock. Billy then bends over and spreads his tight butt cheeks. Lawrence squeezes some lube onto his head and plunges his stiff rod into Billy’s pink shaved ass. He closes his eyes and can’t believe at how tight Billy’s ass feels on his dick, the tight sensation is so overwhelming that he starts to feel himself cumming, so he pulls out and they jerk their cocks spraying semen all over each other’s hot sweaty bodies!

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John & Orion – Bears Seduce Twinks

October 18th, 2010

John loves to spank hairless twinks until their rosy bums are red and burning with excitement. Orion is new to the bondage/spanking thing and is a bit nervous at first, but the nervousness only excites him that much more. John starts off slowly with some controlled swats that fill the room with a deep whap and moan from Orion. Orion’s cock hardens and his balls tighten from the punishment. John notices and mounts his fuck slave and presses his swollen purple head deep into Orion’s red ass. The pumps grow faster as John nears his orgasm. Orion senses this and flips around quickly to take his heavy load in his mouth! You won’t find these videos anywhere but here!

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Big Cock Cum Facial

October 17th, 2010

Yai has a big cock for an Asian guy, that can’t be denied. We’ve heard some say that Gay Asian Boys have small cocks, and while you may not agree Yai is ‘huge,’ he does have over 8 inches of thick, hard meat that would be more then sufficient for most size queens out there. In this exclusive solo Gay Asian Porn video from, he is so proud of it he wants to demonstrate it’s length and girth, which is why he puts it next to an air conditioner remote control so we can really see just how big it is. Always horny to fuck, he then gets out a fleshjack and gives it a nice hard pounding. You can really tell this tall, slim and sexy Asian boy has got a huge load of cum he needs to shoot! Watch him spray his own seed all over his face and drink his own jizz in the full exclusive hi definition video available at!

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Broke Straight Boys – Zakk, Preston, & Leon

October 11th, 2010

The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Broke Straight Boys is pleased to have Zakk, Preston and Leon in the studio today. The boys had already discussed what was going to happen during the scene beforehand and I could already tell that this scene was going to be extra hot as the boys were at ease with one another and getting along really well. As it looked like all the boys were going to top and bottom, they were going to get $1500 each. (MORE)

The boys stood up and started stripping off, each one revealing a toned and taut body. Sitting back down, the straight porn playing, the boys started working on their dicks, Zakk immediately leaning over and taking Preston’s cock into his straight boy mouth while Leon did the same for Zakk. Preston pushed Zakk’s head down, telling him to ’suck that dick!’ Leon worked hard on Zakk’s huge cock before suggesting the Broke Boys Wave go the other way, grinning as Zakk swallowed down his stiff cock while Preston sucked on Zakk’s before sliding to his knees in front of him. A few minutes later, Leon decided that they should open up the futon and get comfortable as they did a daisy chain; Zakk sucking on Leon while Leon swallowed down Preston who was blowing Zakk. (MORE)

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Horny Ninja Fucks a Cute Gay Student

October 10th, 2010

Gay Asian Porn presents Ken and Masa – The Ninja Seduction

A ninja (忍者) was a ruthless mercenary in feudal Japan, who broke all the samurai rules of combat in order to hunt down his prey. Ken has long had a crush on his class mate Masa, and that’s why he decided to learn the ancient ways of ninjitsu to capture the gay Asian boy he desires. Masa is just home from University studying for his exams when Ken breaks into his room! He grabs Masa, ties his hands behind his back and then straps him to a chair. Then he rips open his school uniform, kisses his face and licks his smooth body and nipples all over. This is the moment he’s been waiting for, and Ken is in a horny rage! He unzips his pants, takes out his hard cock and shoves it in Masa’s mouth…and teaches Masa to like it! Now hornier then ever, this sex crazed ninja forces Masa (still tied up) to lean against the bed where he gives him a nice hard ninja style pounding in many positions. He’s got a huge load of sweet jizz and in the full gay Asian porn video available from you can watch him shoot it all over Masa’s sweet school boy face. If you are craving the hottest uncensored gay Japanese sex available in hi definition, then I IMPLORE you to download this brand new exclusive video from!

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